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Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Business

By October 1, 2019No Comments

Here are a few ideas you can post to social media, make into image memes, write how-to blog posts about, or republish in any form that works for your audience.

12 Exciting Holiday Marketing Ideas for Business:

  1. Give out coupons with every purchase to come back for greater savings over the rest of the holiday season.
  2. Create a photo op in store. One local bookstore created a book throne inspired by the iron throne in Game of Thrones.
  3. Send a thank you gift to your most loyal customers.
  4. Add a surprise to every bag. Add even more excitement by publicizing that every 100 (or whatever number you’d prefer) bag receives a store credit or gift card.
  5. Partner with a local charity or volunteer for one and share your experience. Many will promote you for doing so (but that shouldn’t be the only reason for partaking.)
  6. Bring in Santa Clause or the Grinch for a meet and greet.
  7. Offer free gift wrapping or allow a charity to come in and gift wrap for a small donation.
  8. Bake something delicious in your store and let visitors enjoy the alluring smells. Give out cookies. They’ll likely linger.
  9. Provide gift suggestions. Etsy is doing a great job on social media promoting gifts for recipients that love things like travel or pets. They’re using Facebook ads to show unique items that appeal to those niches.
  10. Decorate your store. No one can resist beautiful decor. You’ll attract a lot of attention with a pleasing window display.
  11. Provide a child’s play area or cookie decorating spot. Keep the kids corraled so mom and dad can shop.
  12. Reach out to local bloggers who put together gift guides. Target niches like mommy bloggers or sports moms, coffee drinkers and foodies.