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The Chamber needs you to tell us who makes White House great

By February 16, 2017No Comments

One of the great things about the White House Area Chamber of Commerce is the opportunity we have to recognize outstanding businesses and individuals in our community. And what I find really fascinating is that every year I’ve been at the Chamber, there are at least one or two nominations that I had no idea about. Organizations and individuals who are doing amazing things and who knew? I’m a White House girl and I know the days of knowing everything and everyone in town are long gone, but still you expect to at least have heard about something that’s fantastic.

 So, that’s why we need your help at the Chamber. Your workplace is doing something amazing – are they donating meals every month to a shelter, or building wheelchair ramps or remodeling homes for someone in need, maybe they are the absolute best company to work for because…. We need you to tell us about them, so we can recognize them. They are a perfect candidate for our Horizon Award.

Or maybe you sit next to someone at church that does mission work, runs the food pantry, volunteers at one of the schools, has started a missionary uprising that has pulled in churches and families from all around the area, or volunteers tirelessly to better a youth organization? These people are out there and they are the perfect candidate for Citizen of the Year. And these really are the hardest ones to find too, because if you’re doing it right, you’re really not doing it to be recognized. That’s where our detectives on the street come in, tell us about them, help us thank them for being a part of what makes White House great. 

Then we have the Impact Award, it’s designed to honor and recognize a non-profits that exemplifies community service or events that makes a big impact (get it) on our community. Maybe it is your church, now let me clarify a little – every church is great and especially yours, but what we really want here is to hear about the extraordinary measures that are happening outside of the walls. It surely could be one of the great service or sports  organizations in town, but again we want you to share why they are spectacular. And again with this award, there is a really good chance that some small grassroots effort that only a few people know about is making a huge impact – help us find them! 

No need to nominate the same group or individual multiple times as there is an Award Committee that will make that decision, but instead make that first nomination powerful with a good illustration of why your nominee is THE ONE. Now, maybe you’re fortunate to know a lot of fantastic people or be a part of a lot of out of this world businesses or organizations, and if that’s the case, by all means nominate more than one.

Nominations will be open until February 24, so don’t wait too long. You can send your nomination via email to, or to White House Chamber, PO Box 521, White House, TN 37188 or visit our CLICK HERE.

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